ImpulseX Passive System Honest Review: A Platform By The Founders of MyPassiveTrades (MPT)

impulsx honest review

June 2021 Update

Important Announcement:

If you are a member in ImpulsX passive system, this is for you.
My advice is not to make any more deposits. The recent changes to the platform making it compulsory for all users to make withdrawals in IPX tokens through Eureka Exchange doesn’t sit well with me. So for me, it’s bye to Impulsx Passive platform. It was great while it lasted.

I’m concentrating on Bitrue Power Piggy and Trade-mate from now on

The Impulsx Review below no longer applies.

Note: Before you join the ImpulseX platform here, read the Impulsxpassive review below and scroll down to the getting started section to see how to get started with just $10 in 4 easy steps.
(Also watch my easy Impulsx tutorial video on YouTube here and here to learn how to register and buy packages on ImpulsX)

My passive trades (MPT) is back y’all. Remember MPT?

Anyway, I don’t know if the return of my passive trades (also myeurekaclub) as ImpulseX Passive System (IPS) should elicit joy or caution. But the most important thing here is to know that this is not a scam and just like MPT, IPS has the potential to earn many users a lot of money.

Many earned lots of money over 2 years with MPT before it ran into issues when the founder (Darren) suddenly changed the structure without notifying the members in response to the Covid-19 market crash at the time. And so many members got pissed because instead of BTC they were now paid in ERK tokens which have very little value right now.

Anyway, thankfully all that is behind us now. And maybe as compensation for everyone, with the new impulsex platform there are a lot of opportunities to earn.

Before I discuss how to get started in 4 easy steps let me quickly explain what ImpulseX Passive System is all about.

On ImpulseX you can earn through your referrals (don’t worry it isn’t compulsory). You can easily promote your referral links with this tool here.

Most importantly, on Impulsexpassive you can earn just by buying the $10 advertising credit (adpacks). The platform shares its profits with you weekly from its trading and your commissions are determined by how many ad packs you buy. I know what you’re thinking — isn’t this one of those trading Ponzi?

Hell No. You know my reputation here. I won’t lie to you. Trust me I’ll be the first to call any of theses Ponzi out. And like I always say, if you register with my referral link, I’m forever bonded to you to be your ears and eyes to let you know if anything comes up.

Yes, ImpulseX Passive System has an MLM (Multilevel Marketing) side to it but the platform is backed by real businesses. If you are familiar with my review of MyPassiveTrades, you already know these businesses. But for those new to this, I’ll state it again.

  • Darren Bradbury the founder of MPT has experience in running a Crypto business.
  • He operates a crypto exchange platform called Eurekax. You can even check it out on Coin Market Cap website here.
  • The platform has a native cryptocurrency called EurekaTokens (ERK)
  • A trading platform ( to train and teach you to earn passive income through algorithmic trading
  • Darren has a social media platform

What’s more, he has the experience and will have learned from the pitfalls of prior platforms including my passive trades and my eureka club.

You get the idea right? This is not a fly by night platform. I wouldn’t even recommend it if it were.

The earning potential here is endless.

Enough said, let’s get you started on Impulsexpassive

Getting Started on ImpulseX Passive System

First, make sure you have a minimum of $10 in your bitcoin wallet to get started. Although I recommend starting this with at least $100

The 4 easy steps

(You can also watch my easy Impulsx tutorial video on YouTube here and here to learn how to register and buy packages on ImpulsX)

Step 1: Registration is free. Click here to go on the ImpulseX website and click sign up. Fill out the registration form and click register as shown below. Then go to your email to confirm registration.

impulsx registration
impulsx registration
impulsx registration 2
impulsx registration 2

Then log in to your account using the credentials sent to you by email. Here’s what the dashboard looks like

impulsx dashboard
impulsx dashboard

Step 2: Next buy advertisement packs. Click ‘Package Purchase’ in the sidebar and fill as shown below. The minimum to buy is 1 pack- $10 but I recommend starting with 10 packs ($100) to guarantee more profits. After filling you’ll be taken to a new page.

buy ad packs
buy ad packs
buy packs 2
buy packs 2

Step 3: On the next page, send BTC(bitcoin) from your wallet to the address stated. Do not close the page until your funds have reflected in your IXP account

In a few minutes to hours, the sent amount should reflect on your impulsex passive system account and there the magic begins. Every week your pack will qualify you to earn commissions which will be sent to you.

payment information

Here’s how you withdraw your profits.

Step 4: Withdrawing profits from impulsex passive system is an easy process. Click ‘Profile’ in the sidebar and click ‘Add Wallet Address’. A number of cryptocurrency options are available to you for withdrawal. If you choose BTC and scroll down to input your BTC wallet address and click submit. Other options include: ETH, TRX, USDT, etc. Minimum withdrawal and fees depends on the cryptocurrency you pick. For example it’s cheaper to withdraw in TRX than BTC.

payment using btc
payment using btc

Next, go to ‘Withdrawal’ in the sidebar and follow the prompt.

That’s all.

How to increase your earnings on ImpulseX passive system

You can earn more on Impulsex passive system by compounding your profits. Compounding simply means using your profits to buy new ad packs once it gets to $10 which is the minimum to purchase a single pack. The advantage is while your original capital keeps earning more weekly profit commissions, the new packs you purchase with your profits also generates another batch of weekly profit commissions too simultaneously.

Final thoughts

I’ll never join a platform whose founder is unknown. Impulsex passive system team is known and include the following members:

Darren Bradbury (CEO and Co-founder)

Mark Verdellen (Co-founder)

Nabil Amrani (Head Trading Strategist)

Tatiana Maizel (Support and Marketing)

Victor Amoto (Head Forex Trading)

Click here to join ImpulseX Passive System today

This has been an impulsxpassive review.

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