PiggyVest.com Platform: Relive Your Childhood, Save And Grow Your Wealth

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Note: This is for West-Africans only. Lucky them

Got a friend from West-Africa? Show him or her this opportunity and (s)he will never be a burden to you ever again.

Quick review: With over 350,000 members, Piggyvest is an awesome platform for saving, earning and investing at the same time. As a bonus, the platform gives you 1000 naira when you sign up properly and activate your flex naira account.

After my review below, scroll down further to see the easy step by step instructions to get started

My Review

Most people can relate to this especially Africans. Here it goes. I want you to cast your minds back to childhood. Are you there? Those were simpler times. You had not a worry in the world. Okay maybe I’m not being completely honest. Of course you had to worry about Teacher’s whip if you left that homework undone…lol. But aside that all you did was play, eat and sleep.

You might not know it but even at that carefree time of your life, Mama and Papa were preparing you for adulthood. Remember what they made you do when a guest gives you money? I bet y’all remember piggy banks. Mine was wooden, don’t laugh at me. You had to drop your money in it no matter how little. And then the day comes when you had to break open your wooden piggy bank. It always feels like magic and you’d always wonder how that little weekly change you put in had turned into wads of cash. And just like that your holidays just got better and you can buy all the toys you wanted. Don’t you just want to go back to those good times? Did you know papa and mama also got in on the action? They had their own secret piggy banks too, in fact they had one for every expense — Phone bills, electricity bills, school fees, etc. But that’s story for another time.

I have an open ‘secret’ to share.

PiggyVest is bringing the good times back and making it even better. On the piggyvest platform you earn interests on your savings. It gets better, piggyvest also gives you the opportunity to invest your money on several pre-vetted low-risk investments and earn high commission.

Before you click away and miss out, read on. I assure you this is special.

So here is how it works.

Piggyvest has several saving options and depending on the plan you pick, you can earn up to 15.5% interest on your savings. It basically means piggyvest is paying you extra money to get you to save more. Talk about a win-win situation. You can start with as little as 50 NGN daily (IMO, you should go higher). And the plans are flexible too . You could save daily, monthly or even yearly. You could also save to meet a target for example to pay for your kids school fees. Or maybe you recently made a huge profit from your business and want to keep a large sum away for the future. When it comes to savings, Piggyvest allows you to do it all. What makes it so easy, is the entire process is automated, you do not need to set an alarm to remind you to save everyday on piggy vest. Piggy vest will have you link your bank account and depending on the savings plan you choose, the money is sent to your piggyvest wallet automatically. Awesome. No stress. You can also pause and continue your savings at anytime. Same goes for increasing your savings at anytime.

And here’s how you know piggyvest really wants you to commit to saving. It has a reward/penalty system. You only get to withdraw for free once every 3 months or when your set target is achieved. After all the whole point of this is to save more right? The reward is you get Piggy points and interests awarded to you the more you save which can be converted to cash (naira) immediately. However, if you decide to withdraw before 3 months (you can do that) or before meeting your set target, the penalty is you will be charged a withdrawal fee. Simple. Save more don’t cash out prematurely.

If all you want to do is save, cool. You can stop reading here and just skip to the step by step instructions below.

But if you want to take your money game even further, Piggyvest has got your back with a special feature called Investify where you can invest in low-risk businesses and earn as much as 25% on your investment. And you have nothing to worry about because piggyvest already took it upon itself to do all the fact finding and fact checking before making any investment opportunity available on its platform.

Before we get started with the step by step instructions, I need to address the elephant in the room.

Why do I trust piggyvest?

Well if you are a regular reader of this blog, you know my thing with accountability and security.

I don’t care if a platform is offering 100% return on investment, if I don’t see proof of authenticity, I’m out. I catch scams on a regular. See my list here.

With piggyvest everything checks out. Everyone knows piggyvest first launched as piggybank.ng in 2016 where they operated under the licence of 2 different microfinance banks. Since 2018 Piggy vest have acquired its own microfinance bank and licence (Gold Microfinance bank), and registered as a cooperative society. All funds are also managed by AIICO capital, which is registered and licensed by the SEC (Security and Exchange Commission). All financial information and payment processing are encrypted with the highest standards (PCIDSS Level 1, 256-bit HTTPS SSL connection). Every user is also required to verify his/her identity Ladies and gentlemen, it doesn’t get safer than this. No wonder the platform already has 350,000 users.

Oops, this review got way longer than I wanted, I’m sorry. I get a little excited and become a talkative when I’m so impressed with a platform.

Anyway let’s get to it.

The easy step by the step instructions to get started

You need at least 3000 naira for a complete setup using my style

Step 1: Visit the website and create an account. Click here

piggyvest signup
piggyvest signup

Using my link means I’m accountable to you and will always give you updates. And Piggyvest also gives you a 1000 naira sign-up bonus which is redeemable when you complete your registration by following the steps below and depositing at least 100 naira in your flex naira account and save 1000 naira on any 2 products.

Step 2 : After verifying your email, Next click on ‘Home’ on the left side panel and select ‘Complete Account Setup’. Fill the the bank account details where your withdrawals will be sent to, connect your debit/credit/master/verve card, and provide details about yourself. When connecting your card, a mandatory 100 naira will be removed and deposited in your Piggy wallet. Don’t worry, it’s your money. You should also click on account in the side panel and verify your identity under the KYC section. You will be required to enter your BVN as proof of identity.

piggyvest account 1 1
piggyvest account
piggyvest savings
piggyvest savings

Most Important step:

To Activate your account and get the free 1000 naira, you need to save at least 1000 naira each on any 2 of piggyvest’s products (you can pick any 2 of this piggybank, safelock or targets as shown above and save 1000 naira each). Then after doing the steps above, click on savings and go to flex naira. You will see the account number you’ve been assigned (Note: Piggyvest now uses Wema Bank not Providus). Send 100 naira to your new account number to activate it. This will be added to your savings. Mine is shown below. Good news is you just need to do most of these steps once, that’s all. Set it up and forget about it.

piggyvest account number
piggyvest account number

Now your account is activated

Step 3: Set your savings plan (daily, weekly or monthly). You can also increase your saved funds at any time by using the Quicksave options. To set your plan click on savings on the left panel and for this example we are selecting the Piggybank option. You can see the 100 naira there.

piggyvest account opening
piggyvest account opening

Here’s the minimum and maximum limits to save for each plan

Daily: 50 –50,000 naira

Weekly: 1000 – 200,000 naira

Monthly: 3000–500,000 naira

If you are saving to meet a particular target, click on ‘get started’ under ‘savings’ and then select ‘save towards a goal’.

piggyvest deposit
piggyvest deposit
piggyvest target savings
piggyvest target savings

That’s all the steps for those who are just here to save and earn interest on their savings. So easy right? Keep watching your savings grow with interest.

For those who wants to invest, go to step 4

Step 4: Click on ‘Invest’ in the side panel and select ‘Invest now’. Next, pick any of the investment opportunities that is not sold out yet. And even if the one you want is sold out already, you can still click on it, and post buy offer to buy units from other people. Cool!!!

There you have it.

Piggyvest is the best to manage your finances in 2020. Earn interests on your savings. And you can also invest in business opportunities for even more earnings. Click here to join Piggyvest today.

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Got thoughts? Let us know in the comment section below.

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