Pillow App: Earn good returns while saving in dollars 

Pillow App - Earn with cryptocurrency

Have you tried the Pillow App y’all?  

U.K and U.S residents can excuse us on this one (just kidding: they can try it out too).  

Residents of second and third-world countries should want to try this. For example, do you know how your national currency is devalued daily? (Case in point: $1 is now over 700 Naira and over 80 Indian Rupee).  

Crypto is here to save the day…again. 

Instead of saving in your national currency, which will probably be worth less and less in the next few years, the Pillow App allows you to save in dollars (crypto).  

You can deposit your national currency (like the Indian rupee, Pakistani Rupee, or Naira, ) and it will be converted to $ (crypto).  

To sweeten the deal, you can get up to 14% yearly interest (the app uses the concept of Defi to generate these interests). For comparison, your bank’s savings account generates less than 1% interest annually.  

Pillow App activation steps 

– Download on the play store and register with your email. (Referral Code is optional. mine is ‘KTN25T’)

– Log in

– Deposit in Crypto or bank deposit. If you pick bank deposit, bank account details to deposit your funds will be generated for you in your local currency (for example, naira). You can also deposit in Crypto. The following currencies are supported.

– Later on, you can also do your KYC and enter your details    

Why I love Pillow App

– You can withdraw anytime in crypto or to your bank account.  

– Effective customer service on WhatsApp or telegram 

– If you don’t mind their rate, it’s also a clever way to purchase cryptocurrency. Deposit into the Pillow App in your local currency and withdraw to your crypto wallet.  

– High returns  

– Earn 100 feathers (1 USD) per referral.

Try it out and let me know in the comment section if you love the Pillow App as much as I do.

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