Royal Q Bot Review: The Truth About Royal Q Marketers Don’t Want You To See

Truth about Royal Q Bot

Important Updates: While this review still holds true, I no longer endorse Royal Q. Find out why in the final section of this article. If you have questions, you can ask in my telegram group)

(If you are in a hurry, just scroll to the getting started section to learn how to set up Royal Q bot in 5 easy steps to start making profits. I recommend the bot for easy trading. But away from the hype, you should read the entire article below to learn some hidden pitfalls that some Royal Q marketers won’t tell you)

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Newbies in the cryptocurrency industry, move closer let’s talk. First know this: Cryptocurrency is not a get rich quick scheme and knowing that simple truth will save you a lot of stress, time, and most importantly your money. Stop letting yourself be deceived by marketers seeking to make referral commissions off you. By the way, there’s nothing sinister about affiliate marketing and earning referral commissions – it’s awesome. The problem is marketers who trick people into buying or subscribing to crypto products without enlightening you about the dark side of it choosing only to highlight the positives. And on this note, we will begin this Royal Q review.

Royal Q bot has since swept across the internetverse thanks to marketers forcing it down the throats of the naïve as the next best thing after morning sex.

Now let’s be clear – This review is not to defame the Royal Q Bot. In fact, in the next subheading, I’ll teach you how to get started with the bot. So yes, I like Royal Q Bot. My grouch is with the fans and referral-commission-chasing marketers of the Royal Q bot who overhype the software in a bid to get new sign-ups

That’s why this review will help clear out the untruths and give you a comprehensive but easy guideline on how to set the bot and use it right. Like every trading software out there, it has its pros and cons but if set right can be a source of consistent passive income.

Quick Overview about the Royal Q Bot

I’ll be brief. Royal Q Bot is one of many robots in the market right now that automates the process of trading. It was developed by a Chinese company. The bot simply buys crypto when the market price is low and sells at a profit when the market price is high. Usually, anyone can do that manually but it’s stressful since you will have to monitor crypto charts all day to know when BTC is down so you buy and then sell when it goes up. Many times I’m too lazy for this sort of hard work…lol. That’s why I need the help of the bot. Sometimes people also buy on impulse without proper research. Royal Q Bot is the solution to these human vulnerabilities. The bots connect with your Binance account or Huobi account to start trading for you with the capital you already deposited in your Binance or Huobi account and trading is all it does; it does not have access to withdraw your capital. The bot trades without emotions (no irrational decisions) using huge historical data and mathematical principles to make high probability selections that can help maximize your portfolio. But it has its merits and demerits.

What you need:

Gadget: Your phone (laptop optional)

Money: Compulsory yearly fee: $100; Gas (network charges): $20; Trading Capital: $10 and above (although I recommend at least $100, more is always better, I started with $300)

Total: $220 ($120 in yearly fees and gas + $100 trading capital)

Why do I like the robot?

– It’s convenient. (Check out the Getting Started section below to see how to set up Royal Q bot easily)

– Security: It does not have access to withdraw my trading capital, can only trade. See the next heading on how to set it up easily. 

– It can trade with low capital as little as $10 although for maximum benefit I’ll recommend having a trading capital (on Binance or Huobi) of at least $100 -$500

– It’s cheap: It costs $100 (+ gas fees charged by the network) to activate and use the bot yearly. 

Do I recommend the Royal Q bot? I used to but not anymore due to reasons I explained in the last section. But yeah, I’ve made some profits (turned loss) with the bot. In the interest of complete transparency, there are others points you need to note before signing up for the Royal Q Bot.

Areas I don’t particularly like but can live with it

– Royal Q Bot won’t turn you into an overnight millionaire if you aren’t one already so if that’s what you’re looking for close this page now. It’s just a source of side income that could help you accumulate profits in the long term if you stick with it. And that extra 10-50% ROI monthly is good enough for me.

– The customer service can be better. It’s not a major concern for me because the bot does what it’s supposed to do. I’ve honestly enjoyed using it so far.

Other points to note

– You have a selection of trading pairs (e.g. BTC/USDT, ETH/USDT, ADA/USDT, etc.) to pick from on the robot (it’s easy and I’ll show you in the Getting started section below) and the market conditions of the crypto will determine how much profit the bot will make you. You can check the chart at or to see if a currency (BTC, ETH, etc.) is trending up or down against the dollar (USDT). Always good to buy low. This point is not a disadvantage just including it in this section because it’s an extra step and many are too lazy to carry out this simple extra step that could increase your profits.

– Floating loss: Can I lose money using Royal Q Bot? It’s not a yes or a no. Technically, the Royal Q bot cannot experience a loss. But that doesn’t mean it’s profit all the way. Sometimes it can experience a floating loss. I’ll explain what that means with an example. If the value of BTC was $40 k when you opened a trade using the bot, 20 minutes later the market value of BTC could drop to $39, 995. This is a floating loss but your trade is still open so it’s not an actual loss until you close the trade. But Royal Q bot is designed not to close the trade at a loss so it leaves it open until the value of BTC goes higher than the purchase price and the bot can sell at a profit. 

 But sometimes the market is not friendly. I’ve had situations where I was stuck in a trade for days because I didn’t want to close the trade at a loss. 

So the summary is this, the profit made by the bots could be affected/reduced when the market is bad. So yeah…it’s not all roses and sunshine. But also not the fault of the Royal Q bot. In situations like this, if you fear the market will keep crashing, the bot allows you to close your trade manually.

I totally recommend the Royal Q bot. It’s efficient and does what it promises to do. Learn how to get started below


Getting started is easy

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Before you begin ensure you are registered on Binance or Huobi exchange. Click here to register on Binance (you’ll need a valid I.D card to trade) with laptop/desktop). For mobile phone users, download Binance on Apple or Google play store then enter the code 36026731 during registration.

Click here to register on Huobi (No I.D card required to trade but I prefer Binance to be honest). Next deposit a minimum of $10 USDT as trading capital (I recommend at least $100) in your chosen exchange (Binance or/and Huobi). 

4 Easy steps

-Step 1: (Do this on your mobile phone) Click the link here to fill the form. And on the next page click on the play store logo (or apple store) to take you to the direct download link for the application.

Next activate your Royal Q App by sending a minimum of $120 to it. 

To do this click on ‘Mine’ and select ‘Assets’ and click on ‘Deposit’

This will reveal the TRC address you’re to send the $120 USDT. 

Copy the deposit address and transfer $120 from your Binance wallet or any other wallet to the address. Make sure you send using the TRC network

-Step 2: Click on Activate at the top of the bot to activate the Royal Qbot. $100 will be deducted which is the amount you’ll pay yearly to use the service leaving you with a balance of $20 in your Royal Q bot account

Royal Q Getting started

Ensure your Binance or Huobi is funded with your trading capital.

-Step 3: Link your Binance or/and Huobi account to your royal Q bot using API.

To link your Royal Q bot with your Binance account, do this:

Click on ‘mine’ on Royal Q and select API binding and choose Binance. This is where you will paste your API copied from Binance.

Next, log in to your Binance account. Click on API management. Create a new API and go through email and SMS verification. Name your API. Then copy your API key and Secret Key which will be revealed and paste it in your Royal Q. Complete it by inputting the verification code sent to you and click bind

That’s it. You have now linked your Binance account to the Royal Q Bot.

Binance Binding
Binance API Management

To link your Royal Q bot with your Huobi account, do this

It’s a similar step as above.

Click on ‘mine’ on Royal Q and select API binding and choose Huobi. This is where you will paste your API copied from Huobi.

Next, log in to your Huobi account. Click on API management. Create a new API. Name your API. Then copy your API key and Secret Key which will be revealed and paste it in your Royal Q. Input the verification code that will be sent to you and click bind.

That’s it. You have now linked your Huobi account to the Royal Q Bot.

Huobi API Management

– Step 4: Starting a trade on Royal Q bot.

Now that you’ve linked your exchange accounts, it’s time to trade.
On the Royal Q bot, click on ‘Qualitative’. And choose Binance or Huobi depending on the exchange you linked. I’ll use Binance for this example. On the App, you’ll see lots of trading pairs to trade with. Do your research but the popular profitable ones I’ve traded includes ADA/USDT, ETH/USDT, ETC/USDT, TRX/USDT, DOT/USDT, etc. (Note: If you have a low capital (100-200) it’s best to use pick one or two (not more than three) of these to maximize your profit.

To start trade, pick a pair (for example ADA/USDT). This will open a new page. Usually, most will just click ‘start’ to start trading which is okay but it means you’re trading with default settings of $10. To maximize your profit you should edit the settings. Click on ‘trade settings’ and on this page increase the first buy-in amount from $10 to $20 or above depending on your trading capital. Next, save and start trading.

If you have enough trading capital ($100-$300 and above), you could pick 1 or 2 more pairs and adjust the settings as we did above.

That’s all. We have just configured the Royal Q trading bot to trade automatically.

Additional Optional Step: You can choose to close any of the trading pairs at any point in time and convert your funds back to USDT. To do this, click on the trading pair (for example ADA/USDT) and click SELL. Input the quantity you want to sell (click max to sell all) at market price and your funds will be converted to USDT.


I have paused all my Royal Q trades and will no longer be using the bot unless it does something about its manipulative tactics.

Not saying Royal is a scam. It’s not. It trades and does what it’s supposed to do. However, its profit report is one-sided and tricks users into believing they are in profit when they could be at a loss. That’s why you’d be surprised that even all the videos out there that show the profit report of accounts making $200, $500, or more daily, might actually be making losses.

In most cases, the profit Royal Q bot claims you have earned does not reflect in your actual balance on your Binance or Huobi account. Here’s why: The bot is programmed to keep buying low but unless the market is bullish some coins might not keep hitting new lows instead of new highs and whatever profit reported by the bot is drowned out when the bot buys again at a lower price.

Some have suggested using the one-shot feature to resolve this but it would mean having to constantly check the bot and make changes in coin selections. But my understanding is – a bot is supposed to be ‘set and forget’ meaning once set, you don’t have to keep checking in all the time and with Royal Q bot this is not the case.

The Royal Q customer service is also terrible. They have not responded when quizzed about these reporting errors. I suspect it’s because these are not errors but deliberate marketing tactics by the Developers. The first point of attraction for most people is the profit reports so by showing long rows of profits however dubious many naive ones could be deceived into thinking Royal Q Bot is a foolproof way to grow their portfolio. It is not. (End of rant…lol. But I’m still so pissed)

But many referral-commission-loving Royal Q users won’t tell you the truth so that they can keep earning from your investment

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