Shitcoin Of The Week And How To Make Millions Trading Them (Updated)

Shitcoin of the week

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But for newbies, I recommend reading the guide below before you proceed.)

If you’re still asking what shitcoins are, pop open my previous guide here

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The principle is the same with all shitcoins even those that end in a rug pull – Most Shitcoins were never made to last…duh. They are designed purely for speculation. Ride the wave, make some money and hop on the next shitcoin. Rinse and repeat. Easy.

Do you know?

Every day a new shitcoin is born allowing smart investors to milk it dry for millions
Many will say invest only what you can afford to lose. But that’s not my opinion. Mine is:
Don’t put too much money in any shitcoin even if you can afford to lose it.

I’ll recommend investing not more than $50-$100 per coin.

If you’re new here, check out this guide to see a step-by-step on how to buy shitcoin on Decentralized exchanges (DEX).

Study it first before you read this article as I assume you know how to buy/sell already

Let’s begin

The shitcoin game starts and ends with timing.
You need to time your entry right.
Two ways I recommend

Method One: Buy the coin before it’s listed on a Dex (Sushiswap, Pancakeswap, Quickswap, etc.).

Being early to a shitcoin as this major perk – you get the best price. Eventually, the shitcoin will list at a higher price on a Dex. At this stage, early buyers (presale buyers) like you can dump the coin (dumping refers to selling off a coin) on new buyers getting in after it’s been listed and making huge money. This is possible because shitcoins are listed at a much higher price than the presale price. Repeat the process a couple of times and you might be looking at your first crypto millions.

But here’s the risk involved in getting early. Some of these shitcoins are rug pulls from the get-go. Some of the founders don’t have intentions of listing, they just want to take your money during the Presale and runoff. That’s why adequate research cannot be overemphasized. It goes without saying you need to check out the website and whitepaper of the project. This next step is even more important.

Join the telegram group you plan on investing in. You don’t need to stalk the group all day, just ask relevant questions and you can easily spot red flags. Funny thing is, you might not know the answers to these questions yourself, but having the audacity to ask will spook potential scammers who’ll see you as a threat and be eager to ban and block you from the group. But legit devs (developers or founders), will not mind the questions and even if they are yet to fulfill the criteria, they’ll give you a timeline.

Some questions to ask
– is the team Doxxed (Doxxing in this context means to have a public profile)
– can you provide any proof of contract audit?
– is liquidity locked?
– any marketing articles?
– got any plans to onboard YouTube influencers? which ones?
– have you held any Voice Ask-me-anything(AmA) sessions? When’s the next one? Can I see the summary of the last AMA session or link to AMA audio?
– are team tokens locked?
– what’s the market cap? (rule of thumb: the lower the better for new tokens)

And there’s this last question?

Is there a vesting period?
Having a vesting period means there’s a schedule to release your purchased tokens and you don’t get it all at once. Huge projects all have vesting periods.

But listen, as a shitcoin investor don’t waste your time going for shitcoins with vesting periods. That’s for long-term investment. But when it comes to shitcoins, your only job is to try to make quick returns. Be surgical in your approach, don’t get emotionally tied to the project. If a shitcoin has a vesting period don’t dive in. As shitcoin investors, we are not in it for the long haul so no need to ‘catch feelings’.

Rule of thumb: This guide explores the mindset of a successful shitcoin trader but long-term projects can be profitable too so here’s what you do: Divide your funds (reserve) into shitcoin investment and Long term projects. And stick to your plan.

So where do you find shitcoins to buy at presale before they are listed?

Search airdrop websites like

Many devs advertise new projects on these websites long before listing
I particularly pay attention to projects in the featured airdrops section. I know how expensive featured ads can be on this website and for a new project to afford this means the project founders are at least serious about the project.

(Note for newbies: Airdrops are free token rewards distributed to a community member for participating in community building tasks)

— check coin tracking websites

These are websites that keep track of new and old projects to boost their visibility. Here are some:

Look on the airdrop section of coin market cap website

Method 2: Trading a listed shitcoin.

So what you didn’t get in early? All hope is not lost. You can still make millions off a listed shitcoin. This is how to:

As explained earlier, upon listing early buyers are quick to dump the shitcoin to make a huge profit. This action sends the price of the token crashing down. It might even be lower than the presale price.

Of course, now’s your time to get in at this ridiculously cheap price. And as more people buy the price goes up again. And then you can sell-off.

The game isn’t over yet.

After selling off, wait for the price to crash down again and then buy. Ride the wave back up and sell again.
Keep repeating the process (depending on the token twice or thrice is enough)

You can check the charts of a listed shitcoin on
Simply enter the contract address in the space provided to unveil the charts. When you scroll below the chart you can also see real-time information of buys and sells on the token.

Sample Poocoin chart showing where to buy /sell a shitcoin

Another example

Now use the chart in this link for practice. Study it carefully –

Learn these tricks:
– Ensure you don’t get in too early after a token is listed. The presale buyers will be dumping at this point. Don’t get caught in the mix. Wait it out and then you get in
– Don’t be greedy. Don’t wait for the price to hit ATH (All time high) before selling. Once you’ve made a decent profit, sell immediately. Prices could crash back down any minute.?

Where to find shitcoins just listed

In conclusion

Shitcoin trading remains very profitable. But play it safe with adequate research. Rugpull scams are prevalent in the shitcoin arena. Again I recommend not going beyond $50-200 per shitcoin depending on your budget. On the off chance you get scammed after researching and using all the strategies mentioned in this guide, don’t moan about it, simply move on to the next shitcoin and 100X your profit on that one. The game continues…

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Shitcoin of the week (recently updated)

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