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(Last Updated June 2023)

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In the interest of our esteemed community, we curate a list of legitimate investment platforms. This is especially urgent right now as scam investment platforms continue to flood the market with one juicy offer or the other. But take all that hype with a grain of salt. Always bear in mind if an offer appears too awesome to be true, it is most likely a false offer.

It is no longer strange to see scam platforms like purchasesharesonline (dot) com promising outrageous offers. This is why has taken it upon itself to painstakingly research platforms that are investment-worthy. And we are talking passive income programs. The real ones are out there albeit hard to find.

Many continue to support scam platforms and projects for referral commissions but will never be party to that. No amount of commission is worth our integrity.

Do not be surprised that the list below is few. We can add a few here and there every now and then but it will never be a long list.


Only a few can meet up with our requirements

In compiling the short list below, here are our criteria.

– The invest platform must have been in operation for at least 18 months.

– Platform must have a known founder. We will never recommend faceless platforms.

– Recommended platforms must be truly passive income platforms.

– Recommended platforms must have an easy withdrawal process.

– All platforms must not have hidden charges. It must be completely transparent and honest with users.

– We will never recommend ponzis or pyramid schemes.

Recommended platforms and steps to get started

Click any of the links below to see easy step by step tutorial.

Available Worldwide 

2. ByBiT Copytrading

3. Bitrue Power Piggy

For West Africans

  1. Piggyvest (Special opportunity for West Africans only. Very active. See review and how to get started here)
  2. Trove Finance

Recommended Courses

Worldwide (Easy courses you can take and start making passive/semi-passive income for life)

Courses: SEO Copywriting, Shopify store creation and management, Mobile photography, UX/UI design, Social media marketing and more.
All available here.

For Africans (Easy courses you can take and start making passive/semi-passive income for life)

  1. Amazon KDP using just your smart phone – click here
  2. Digital Course Creation Blueprint – click here
  3. Email marketing profit kit: click here

Do you know of any legit, honest platforms or got questions?

Join the conversation on my telegram group here, and we will review it extensively.

18 thoughts on “Super Researched Legit Passive Income Programs

  1. Hello, thank you for your comprehensive and transparent review, you just saved me from the zeekron scam co I was on the fence about investing with them, but now I have a better reason to stay clear.

    I’d like you to do a review of this investment site Forrise investment owned by Adam Schuz. Bravo!

  2. Hi thank you for this review. I would like to know if I could trade on Trademate using naira/dollar ? Clueless about what bitcoin entails

  3. You are absolutely right. I hate ponzi scheme. I joined thinking they are real.
    Lies projected by zeekron.
    1. We sell forex… Lies
    2. We pay u in 48 hours… Lies.
    3. We pay u commission for promoting.. “The whole truth is not told.

    They don’t have an office u can visit.
    No customer service u can identify
    No communication via email
    Day of attention to issues not determined… Anytime u see them. Take it.
    No legitimate business known.. It is a ponzi scheme in disguise. They pay for now but its not sustainable. My 100k is there and it is not determined whether I will get it back or not. Interest only but when will I collect my principal? I don’t know, so I leave it to them.

  4. This is really good article. Earning passive income, it seem getting tough Over time. Therefore I guess not for everyone, I have personally try it myself. Like youtube content creator, have little bit success with it.

  5. Sir, a very big thanks to you for these great information, many of us have lust already but we sill need your help. please help me to check if the following websites are legit or scam.,, , and

  6. Hi You guys were right about as we speak they have just shut down after 2 years of luring investors

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