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(Last Updated January 2023)

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(Quick review: One of the great ones in the industry and focuses on those who want to earn big passive income. It’s nice that trademate’s subscription fee is also affordable for the average user and is totally worth it. You have an assortment of real professional traders (not just bots) trading for you automatically every time they trade on their own accounts and you can easily make over 100% profit on your capital. Yes over. You know I never hype anything. Read my full honest review below and step-by -step process to join. Don’t click here until you read below)

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Detailed review and 5 easy steps to get started

Wait a minute, am I the only one concerned about checking the founder’s history on any investment program I’m associated with? Most people are just concerned about the percentage returns (ROI) nothing else. For me it doesn’t matter how much ROI you promise, if you have a shady history I know it won’t last and I ain’t trusting you with a penny. A leopard that changes its skin is still a leopard.

Just as I did with mypassivetrades (defunct), I checked out cofounders and boy was I impressed. I’ll just give the tidbits and you can research more yourself if you want to. Mikhail Amonashvili is an entrepreneur with topnotch management skills. His cofounder Philip Antonov complements him perfectly as a very experienced front-end developer and crypto expert who has worked with the company Inforus and other startups. This guy also worked on upwork in his younger days where he provided several programming services — the typical boring geeky guy…lol. Long story short these guys check out and they understand the game. I know I’m in safe hands with them.

So what is

Trade mate has been in operation for 3+ years. Trade mate platforms offers you the opportunity to trade on different exchanges like binance, bitmex, poloniex, etc. using tools on their platform. For example as I reveal in my step by step account creation below, I linked my binance account to platform. And it’s completely secure because cannot withdraw from my binance account without my permission. I control everything. If you’re a trader, on trade-mate you can trade the balance in your binance account (or any other exchange you linked) and make profits directly to your binance using their awesome tools and trading signals. But I’m not a trader and can’t read trade signals to save my life. Goodnews! also has the perfect feature for people like me. Their auto-trade feature where you can select either real traders or bots is so awesome. In this review, I’ll focus on using real traders in the Traders section which allows you to pick a career trader and the trader automatically trades for you. I teach you step by step below how to set it up and the profits are automatic.

Before I forget, you know I hate BS so I’m just going to go ahead and spell it out. Trade-mate is not for you if you’re only interested in making little pennies in trade earnings. is not a Ponzi scheme. It’s for serious investors, the big earners (hundreds and thousands in profits every month depending on how much you deposit) and to start comfortably you need at least $250 (for subscription and to load your binance account) although you can start with even less since there are so many traders with cheap entry-fee to choose from. Your earning potential is unlimited.

Anyway, stop reading and don’t waste your time if this is not for you. Check your pocket and decide.

Now let’s concentrate on those with the truthful pockets who are interested in doing this. So before I teach you how to link your binance account and setup the automatic feature, let’s discuss a few necessary details. Trade-mate has several professional full-time traders (career traders) trading on it. You can check each trader’s trade stats. Everything is transparent (I love that). You get to see how much return on investment each trader is offering (5% ROI after a month, 10%, 20%, etc.), the platforms he trades on and the minimum deposit amount. Each trader also has a monthly subscription fee ($10, $20, etc.) and the commission he charges on the profit he makes for you. You also get to see the success rates of each of the traders.

trademate traders
trademate traders

For this review you can use the same trader that I picked but of course you can pick any trader of your choice (every month, Trade-mate announces the top 3 traders on its platform so that’s helpful too). I’m not affiliated with any trader. I make everything easy to do in my step by step below. So here’s why you need up to $250 (of course more is better.) It’s totally worth it.

The breakdown. Trade-mate charges a monthly fee of $10 — $20. The traders also charges a subscription fee (there are cheaper traders but the traders I use charge about $10/monthly) and you also have to deposit $200 in your bitmex or binance account. Well in the actual sense you are only paying ($20+$10) because the bitmex/binance deposit is yours and you can withdraw it at any time.

To make awesome profit on your capital on trade-mate, just select any number of traders that matches your need. For example you can pick one trader with 25% ROI, then another with 15%, another with 30% and another with 30%. Of course you can select even more traders, it’s totally up to you and your capital. The profit potential is unlimited.

Now let’s get started with these 5 easy steps. Don’t worry, you only have to set it up once. Done and Dusted.

5 Easy Steps

Step 1: Open account. Like I explained here, you have to use my link because that makes me accountable to you. I’ll be your eyes and ears so that if I smell anything fishy at any point, I’m letting you know and pulling you out of the platform. So open your account now with confidence. Click here.

A confirmation link will be sent to you via mail. No big deal, confirm.

Step 2: Link your bitmex or binance account to your trade-mate. If you don’t have a bitmex account Click here and for binance account click here to register and create one fast. It’s just as easy as creating an email.

Now to link your bitmex account to trade mate click here and for binance account click here (or just watch a video of it here and here)

If you need to buy bitcoins, you can buy here or here.

Step 3: Deposit at least $100 in your bitmex or binance account. To do that:

For BitMEX

Log in to your BitMEX account and click on Account in the horizontal bar on top, then click on Deposit. Next transfer the required amount from your btc wallet to the address BitMEX specifies. See screenshots below.

bitmex login
bitmex deposit 1
bitmex deposit
bitmex deposit 2
bitmex deposit 2

For Binance

Log in to your binance account and click on deposit. Next transfer the required amount from your btc wallet to the address binance specifies. See screenshots below.

binance deposit 1
binance deposit 1
bitmex deposit 2
bitmex deposit 2

Step 4: Deposit $50 (depending on your selected trader) in your trade-mate account. You’ll need to have enough balance in your btc wallet to do this. Follow the steps below.

Click on deposit in your trade mate account and fill in details, and send btc to the trade-mate wallet address. Screenshots below. Remember, if you need to buy bitcoins, you can buy here or here.

trademate subscription 1
trademate subscription 1
trademate subscription 2
trademate subscription 2
trademate subscription 3
trademate subscription 3

The easy steps continue. The last major stage I promise and we are done.

Step 5: Remember, after linking your bitmex/binance account you will be able to view your bitmex/binance account balances on trademate. It’s time for the juicy part- how to setup the auto trading once your account has been funded.

Click on the side panel that says Traders. You’ll see a number of traders and their stats. Every month the trade-mate management announces the best traders of the just concluded month. I’m not affiliated to any of them and you can pick anyone. Step by step screenshots below.

Select Traders

trademate trader selection
trademate trader selection

select binance and btc (or bitmex if that’s where you have your funds)

trademate selections
trademate selections

Select the trader humorously named ‘BAD’ (this is just an example, feel free to pick a different trader) and subscribe then click on the auto-trade feature and a new window pops up. Of course you can pick more traders to increase your ROI to even more than 100%. Just check you meet up with the capital required.

select bad example
select bad example

Enable autotrade. You are now set for the commissions/profits to start rolling in

trademate auto trade
trademate auto trade

Step 6: Go back to step 5. Lol, that’s the end. I told you they are easy steps. That’s all. Now watch your profit roll in after the specified time (30 days). Remember if a trader loses (rarely) you won’t have to pay him commissions until he has made enough profit to offset the losses. Also your initial deposit remains so you lose nothing. And remember, you can withdraw from your bitmex/binance account at any time. traders do not have direct access to your bitmex/binance account. You can also subscribe to as many traders as possible if you have the required balance and earn really, really big.

Note: If you need to buy bitcoins, you can do so here or here.

In Conclusion is a great, easy to setup, transparent and sustainable means of earning passive sizable income in btc. The subscription fee is also cheap.

Finally, be aware that trade-mate is not a get rich quick scheme.

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  1. Thanks for this review , it is very informative. However i need some guidance and clarifications from you because i am really interested .
    1. I am a Nigerian , i am i allowed to register and trade.
    2. I don’t have neither a Bifinance nor a bitmex account. How can i open one.
    3. Kindly give details about withdrawals
    4. The process you described seems complex to me , how can you help me out.
    I am waiting for your responses. Thank you so much.

  2. I am interested to open account on trademate but need some guidance. And also I want to discuss with you regarding other investment opportunities as well. Can we discuss on Google chat please?

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