Decentralized VPN 2

Decentralized VPN: Is that a thing already?

The simple answer is yes. Now let me tell you all about decentralized VPN in this brief tutorial. First, you need to know that decentralization is one of the awesome…

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high paying jobs in crypto

2021 High Paying Jobs In Cryptocurrency And Blockchain Industry

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency are shaping up to be a huge industry. That means tons of new opportunities- opportunities that didn’t exist 5 or 6 years ago. Cryptocurrency started just…

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blockchain digital marketing

Blockchain And Digital Marketing: A Perfect Match

Blockchain and digital marketing are a perfect match. As Blockchain technology continues on its mission towards adoption, a wide range of use cases continued to be invented along the way….

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blockchain can liberate us all

Blockchain: Liberating All From The Hegemony Of Banks And The Government

(first published June 16, 2019) With the frequency at which bank frauds have been reported in recent times here in Africa, you’d be forgiven if the most recent bank account…

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Conference, Blockchain

2019 Lagos Blockchain, AI and digital assets conference

(first published June 3, 2019) The Lagos Blockchain, AI and digital assets conference #2019 was a huge success. Several stakeholders and leading voices in the blockchain and tech space came…

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