icanhour review

Icanhour.com: Cool platform, Scam Investment

I’m frustrated. I’ve become like a broken record – sounding the same warnings, identifying the same red flags, and the reactions of most people to my heads-up about these scams…

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robotroihub.com review

Robotroihub review: Why is this scam getting popular?

Robotroihub.com at the time of this review is just about 4 days old. It usually takes most scams that eventually turn out big at least a week or more to…

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Crypto Red Flags

How To Detect A Crypto Investment Scam: 14 Red flags (Updated)

It’s no news that crypto investment scams are everywhere now. Many of these scams are not new. We have seen pyramids, Ponzi, telegram scams, and exit scams before now. What’s…

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Dogebank scam review

Dogebank.ltd review: A Ponzi Scheme That Misuses Dogecoin

Ponzi schemes reshuffle money from investors to pay other investors. The problem emerges because recruitment cannot go on forever eventually it stops and so does the Ponzi. All Ponzi crashes….

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forexprofits review

Forexprofits.biz Review: A Textbook Scam

In a recent video here, I explained how easy it is to spot a basic Ponzi scam just by taking a look at the website. Forexprofits.biz is one of those…

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