2019 Lagos Blockchain, AI and digital assets conference

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(first published June 3, 2019)

The Lagos Blockchain, AI and digital assets conference #2019 was a huge success. Several stakeholders and leading voices in the blockchain and tech space came together to discuss a cornucopia of fresh ideas that could potentially take the industry to greater heights. The turnout (over 80% youth attendees) at the conference reveals Africa is ready to take steps that will usher in a better future for everyone.

We have the numbers (growing youth population); we have the drive; and if the conference is anything to go by, there is no dearth of intellect here in Africa. So why should we miss out on the 4th industrial revolution? We have no excuse. It’s time for Africa.

So what’s next? While the number of blockchain based startups out of Africa is impressive, we need more than just numbers. There’s an urgent need for more collaborations. Working together is the only way to achieve far greater things in this space.

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