A rant about Covid-19, passive income, WHO whatsapp, and how to pass time in isolation

(first published March 20, 2020)

I love cryptocurrency and bockchain and passive income. You know I do. I probably could be writing another review right now about why I think softradeai is a scam or why PSO is shady. But amidst the current global health crisis due to coronavirus none of that matters right now. After all it’s the end of the world isn’t it? Alright, I kid. This too shall indeed pass. The human race has survived worse pandemics. True. But don’t be ignorant, 2–3% is still a lot of deaths. 11300 deaths as at the time I’m publishing this. I wish I can stop keeping track in real time here which is what I’ve been doing all week.

You’re probably reading this self-isolated at home and waiting it out. Now that’s commendable. Don’t feel useless like you’re doing nothing to help. You’re helping by staying home. The faster we all get to do that, the better a chance we get at everything returning to normalcy. Only 12 confirmed cases here so far, lucky I know. But maybe not for long as we seem to be riding our luck and everyone is going about their normal day like just another Friday. The talk in town has been that black people (in black countries) can’t contract the virus. They say coronavirus doesn’t stand a chance in these hot climates. I hope our ignorance is not our greatest undoing. What these Covidiots (new word alert) don’t know is Covid-19 doesn’t discriminate. It’s like what Trevor Noah recently said.

‘Coronavirus is the Harvey Weinstein of viruses, it doesn’t need your consent to attack…’

Lol…it’s true.

Also remember that while cases can be more severe in the elderly population, young people can have serious cases of the virus too and can land in the ICU.

For y’all social distancing folks in Europe and elsewhere, I know it can be hard being stuck at home all day everyday. But I’m here to tell you that it gets better. I would know. Being a full-time freelance content creator for many years sure has its perks but while starting out, the boredom was perhaps the biggest challenge. I survived. It’s easy to stay active when there’s a steady stream of work. But life’s testing me again with this pandemic which has meant many of my European clients are on lock down leaving me with more free time than I wanted. Will I be bored or not, that is the question? I won the test again. I’m as active and entertained as ever and I’m here to see if I can help you do the same.

Okay let me start with a warning. Y’all know passive income is my bread and butter. But I’ll be the first to tell you without mincing words, in fact, picture me screaming this out into a public address system at the top of my lungs — Do not Invest in any fixed ROI passive income platform. Don’t be deceived, there’s no way anyone can promise you fixed ROI when global markets are crashing.

But of course this awesome opportunity here still works because it’s live-trading and what you see is what you get. Money well spent and this is important because it’s not the best time for frivolous spending. No one knows how long this self-isolation and quarantine will last. BTC prices have dropped and many are racing to paxful to buy btc now that it’s cheap with the hope of selling when the price climbs. Check your pocket and decide. It’s totally up to you.

Activities you can engage in during Covid-19 Lockdown

Everyone is saying binge watch Netflix. Sure you can do that, but if you’re like me there’s only so many hours you can stay on Netflix before wanting something else. I’m also spending hours watching YouTube videos. I’m a voracious reader too. And just last week I finally decided to pay the $5 medium subscription to read all I can on medium.com and you know what I realized? You don’t even have to love reading per se to love medium. There’s something for everyone, whether it’s marketing, sex and relationship, money, cryptocurrency, self-improvement, poems, wherever your interests lie, medium will hook you up.

In fact I’m calling medium.com the YouTube of articles or YouTube in print.

Let me know if you think it will catch on.

There’s more you can do. Chances are that you’re on lock-down with your significant other. You probably already realized what I’m getting at. Yes, knock boots more often. Or as much as those rug rats will let you. Speaking of kids, the fact they are also home adds an extra layer of stress during the lock down. It shouldn’t be all fun and games as no one knows how long this will last. Their being out of school doesn’t mean school has to be out of them. Try to engage them in as much educational activities as possible. Thankfully there are several virtual school content and programs on the internet for various grades and classes that will ensure that your kids remain as sharp as ever when this ‘rona virus thingy is finally over.

And what about you?

Let’s be honest many will be out of jobs by the time this pandemic is over. Now’s the time to acquire new skills. There are tons of useful courses out there and many of them are free. I just completed this google certified digital marketing course for free and it took me less than a week. Great courses sometimes cost money but whatever you do, spend wisely.

If you got extra cash or just want to be a good human, go ahead and donate. Several kids could go hungry during this uncertain corona times. www.nokidhungry.org and others are making sure this doesn’t happen.

Now for those of you who won the great job jackpot and can work from home, that’s awesome. But if you got kids, don’t kid yourself like this LinkedIn user below. That’s only a great plan if members of your household are all adults.

linkedin user

You there?

Still bored?

Try the corona beard challenge. It’s inane fun I know but do it, it’s harmless after all. Try grow your beard out. It helps you keep track of how much time has passed.

This rant would be incomplete if I don’t mention how to make some extra cash. Go on fiverr and setup your account. Can you write, sing, be a virtual assistant to some rich guy, help create résumés or business plan. Whatever skills you’ve got fiverr is a great place to earn cash for it.

Most importantly follow all the guidelines by health experts. And Donald Trump doesn’t count. The FDA is yet to approve chloroquine. And calling it the China virus or the Wuhan virus is racist.

You know all the tips at this point.

  • Stay home and self-isolate
  • If you are not a Doctor, delivery person, food vendor, nurse, or any of these heroes without capes whose jobs require they’re out there during these tough times, but for some weird reasons that only you know still feel you want to leave home, please don’t, just stay home.

But if you insist on going out and risking all our lives, at least practice social distancing. Which in clearer terms just means physically distancing yourself from people. But by all means stay social through social media platforms, call friends, give E-Hugs, do all the socializing you need — just not physically

  • Avoid crowded places. Who the heck is still ignorant enough to organize large gatherings now anyway?
  • Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly, cover your mouth and nose when sneezing or coughing
  • If you suspect you have symptoms, call for medical care and wait for instructions. Do not leave the house for the hospital if you are not told to do so.
  • Stay away from false information like the guy in this video.

You can easily get all the facts straight from the WHO (World Health Organization) bot on WhatsApp. Here’s how you do it. Save the WHO number +41798931892 to your phone. And send them a message on WhatsApp. Then follow the prompt to get your needed details as shown below.

who whatsapp

There you go.

Stay positive and don’t panic. It’s not the end of the world.

Great sources to follow:

Centers for disease control and prevention (CDC)

Reddit Coronavirus thread

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