Covid-19-Induced Boredom

covid boredom

(post first published March 23, 2020)

I love to tell this unforgettable story of my friend.

So I have this friend,
He’s on too so I better tread carefully,
Anyway, who cares if he finds this post?
At least I’m not naming any names

So yeah I have this one friend
Wait…does anyone think some punctuation marks are pointless?
Like the semicolon just means you’re indecisive
Are you going for a full stop or a comma?

I digress, sorry; back to my friend’s story
But again don’t you just find it funny
How you could be in the middle of narrating an interesting story
And your mind just wanders to a random thought

More on that later, let’s get back to my friend’s story
Sincerely, I was going to tell you all about it
But now I lost my train of thought
When did you realize I’ve been messing with you all along? 😁

End of my Covid-19 Boredom-Induced Poem

Did you enjoy it?

Side Note: I pass time by writing too. Stuck at home with not much else to do, many have resorted to blogging and the result have been all shades of funny. Spellings have been butchered, good grammar has been damned. And don’t even get me started on punctuation. Errant semicolons all over the page with not a care in the world. LOL.

Not naming names but if that’s you, you might want to signup for a grammarly account which will automatically do all the hard work of proofreading and correction so your words and articles can have the perfect gloss. No one will even know you’re an amateur. Maybe I am too. But grammarly is always there to protect our little secret.

Here are other ways I pass time during the Covid-19 lock down. See here.

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