Nigerian Internet Scammers, Nice Try

Nigerian Internet Scammers

(first published June 3, 2019)

Nice try.

So some Nigerian internet scammers (popularly called yahoo boys) now justify their wicked actions saying, ‘it’s not a crime just payback for years of slave trade’.

Fellow Nigerian youths, don’t believe the hype. Social acceptance is not ethical acceptability. Crime is crime. Regardless of any misguided justification, what is bad is bad. But who appointed me as a gatekeeper of morality? I’m not and it’s a free world.

Just know if you have to come up with lame excuses to mute your screaming conscience, it’s time for critical self examination. Time to change path. We all have excuses — some valid (Bad government, lack of opportunities, systemic corruption), others shamelessly absurd (payback for slave trade…okay that’s just dumb).

If you ever feel there’s objective justification for crime, it means your moralcompass needs fixing.

#Wrong + #Wrong = #Right? What kind of maths is that? Mr Nigerian scammer, if your grouse is with the system, why are you punishing the rest of us? Too many hardworking people have lost potentially life changing opportunities because they are Nigerians. ‘Nigerians are scammers’. That’s the perception. And perception is reality.

And what’s with the fancy words —cyber fraudsters, scam artists?…nah. Call a thief, a thief.

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