honest review: Revealing the secret identity of a fake C.E.O


(first published Feb. 24, 2020)

Summary: Ryan Baines, the fake C.E.O of softradeai has finally been identified. Read full review below plus proof that he’s on a contract which means he can leave at any moment. Now, is that who you want to trust with your funds?

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Full Review

Founded less than 2 months ago, is one of the new kids on the block when it comes to online passive income. At the end of the day it’s just the typical underwhelming ponzi scheme with only a slight twist. Here’s the simple gist. Softradeai prides itself as an asset management company that uses advance Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools to trade for investors in the Forex market. It allows the public to invest in one of their 4 investment plans starting with just $25 and depending on your invested amount total ROI could climb as high as 230%. Wow!!!

softradeai plan
softradeai plan

But don’t get too excited just yet. You know what they say: If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

Here’s the catch. Softradeai really goes the extra mile to present itself as a legit company but anyone with a good eye for details can easily see it for what it truly is — Ponzi

So let’s begin. Read to the end where I reveal the secret identity of’s fake C.E.O

Firstly softradeai’s claim that it carries out real trades is bogus. There are no evidences to back this up with the exception of a few random proof of trades posted on its Facebook page that still doesn’t add up to the abnormal returns being promised on the platform. Softradeai also sends a trading report to their members just to convince them it’s all real. They claim to trade on Super Forex. How convenient, that they’ll pick such a broker considering Super Forex has long been known for suspicious trading activities for years now. Almost no one has anything good to say about Super Forex.

The truth is like all ponzi schemes softradeai has no product and most of their payouts comes through the usual ‘ponzi style’ of paying old investors with funds from newer investors which is facilitated by their referral program. And we all know how that typically ends when the rate at which new recruits are added declines. So if you’ve joined already (and many have) just because it’s paying now, please think again otherwise you’ll only blame yourself at the end of the day.

Secondly, remember what I said about the company going the extra mile to appear legit? Here’s how they do that. In the website you can see a number of video testimonials. You can also get a link to ‘proof’ that they are a registered company- certificate and all. But don’t be deceived it’s actually no big deal to do both. Do you know? With as little as $5, you can get yourself video testimonials on You can pay people to say literally anything you want about your project.

fake video testimonial
fake video testimonial

What about company registration? Every scammer knows you can easily register a business in the U.K for around $40. And no one bothers to really check what your company is about.

And if you’ve been following this blog you know my thing with honesty. Softradeai claims to be licensed to carry out commercial transactions around the world…lol. That’ll mean registering with the SEC of many countries and no they have not done that.


This is just another false claim. And don’t get me wrong there are so many companies that are unregistered, I don’t have a problem with that really. Just don’t claim you are registered when you’re not.

Now on to the elephant in the room

Who is the founder of

The brains behind softradeai figured people will be more inclined to join if they at least have someone’s face on the project as the CEO/Founder. So what did they do? Scammers hate to use their face for obvious reasons so they hired someone to play the part hoping you will not find out.

You can see Ryan Baines in all of their videos posing as the C.E.O. I must be honest he looks the part. Well groomed, well spoken with some sort of charisma.

Ryan Baines fake softradeai founder
Ryan Baines fake softradeai founder

Now I’m not gonna go the route of other reviews I’ve read on the internet that mentions his Serbian accent as evidence of him being a paid actor. Nah. For me I don’t care who you are or where you are from, just be honest. Besides, the Ryan Baines character says he only just moved to the U.K recently so that would explain the accent.

But here’s what really jumped out for me

First, he has no digital foot print whatsoever. Nothing about him at all anywhere on social media before now. All his accounts are new. And I’m like …wait what?! Did this guy just drop from the sky? What is he hiding? No history. No track record. Nothing. It’s obvious this must be a fake name so I dug deeper.

If you’ve also watched any of his videos, you’ll see how comfortable he is on camera like he’s had lots of practice. Not that I’m saying a geeky C.E.O of a super platform that uses ‘A.I software’ cannot be outspoken but there’s just something about this Ryan Baines guy that seems shady.

And yeah I finally found it. Hooray.

Here’s the secret

Ryan Baines was as recently as about 1 month ago employed as an actor/presenter on a channel I found on YouTube (named Wrestling Reality II) doing nothing related to cryptocuurency or investment or AI or software. Guess what he did? He was hired to regularly review WWE Raw (Wrestling Matches)…lol and that was his gig for years.

Check out the channel here. You can clearly see that’s him.

Ryan baines caught
Ryan baines caught

His last video on the channel was around 1 month + which is when softradeai took off. That would mean ‘Ryan Baines’ must have been hired to be the face of this ponzi platform around this time. How do you transition from being a WWE presenter to C.E.O of a ponzi scheme? Give it up for Ryan Baines everyone.

There you have it. Now you know.

Before I forget,

I also looked into his hastily crafted Linkedin profile here. It might look okay to an untrained eyes, but I’m a Linkedin expert myself and I think Ryan Baines should ask for a refund from whoever he hired to do this lazy job. I mean check it out here before he takes down the page. (He has now edited the page. Thankfully I got the screenshot below before he did)

– No profile description
– No cover picture
Even the experience section contains a double entry.

baines linkedin
baines linkedin

But I saw one red flag though. Did you see it above? He’s on a contract y’all. Someone hired him to be CEO. Is that who you want to trust with your funds? He could be out of his contract at any moment.

Also don’t be deceived by his many connections and endorsement on the platform. Take it from a LinkedIn expert when I tell you it’s so easy to get that done, I mean it.

But for my readers, I went an extra step further. I contacted several of his LinkedIn connections who endorsed him including those he claims to have gone to School with (University of Belgrade). And guess what? No one knows him personally. See 2 of the replies I got below from Ana and Thomas. I’ve blocked out the pictures and last names for anonymity.

unveiling baines
unveiling baines
unveiling baines 2
unveiling baines 2
unveiling baines 3
unveiling baines 3

Now you’ve seen all the evidence?

Is softradeai a scam? You decide.

Some final thoughts: I get frustrated with reviewers with click bait titles. For example — scam or paying? I mean it’s so ridiculous.

Just because a platform is currently paying doesn’t mean it’s not a scam.

The question for me is always — Is it sustainable? Ponzis like softradeai fail this test.


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