Sureforextrade and Kate Looney Scam


(first published June 17, 2019)

(2020 update: Kate Looney has not stopped scamming people. Apart from sureforextrade, I’ve also been able to track her and confirm her affiliations with several other scam platforms.)

A Sureforextrade review.

If you know one you understand them all. The last few years have seen a steady rise in the number of HYIP scams out there (bitcoin investment scam, forex scam, binary options scam, etc.) And yes folks still fall for all that BS. Heard a bunch of experiences but nothing beats a first hand experience. So this year I had some spare coins and I decided to experiment. Either that or I just got scammed because I was stupid. Never mind, I prefer my first excuse — Experimentation…haha.

I experimented with $300 so you wouldn’t have to.

So here’s the gist and what you can learn.

Let’s start with how I got in. **cough**cough** TELEGRAM. If you know telegram groups like I do, you know it’s the home of scammers these days. Look what I saw.

And then this

telegram scam group 2

and then this

telegram scam

Some of these accounts have been deleted now

Immediately I knew this was a scam (Go Spidey senses). Let the experiment begin.

So I contacted all of them.(I believe they are all one person; they all chat the same) First the dude who all but confirmed he’s a scammer. No not in actual words. But why would anyone not find it weird that a company (sureforextrade) guarantees you $7000 every week on an initial deposit of only $350. I get it. Greed is blind. I contacted the lady (Kate Looney) the ‘account manager’ who stated I had to deposit a minimum of $350 to make as much as $25000/month with Kate getting a 15% cut for her hard work. I explained I was broke (lol) and I had only $300. Guess what? She said yes. I bet if I said I got only $150, the answer wouldn’t change. So I deposited $300 in her btc wallet and registered on sureforextrade. In just 24 hours my account balance had swollen to around $2000. By the second day it was over $5000. Yeah I’m rich now. So I told Kate Looney to stop the trade in order to withdraw. Then comes the catch; 15% withdrawal fee. Fair. So I said what anyone would — ‘Deduct it from my earnings baby. I’m rich bi*ch.’ But not so fast. Kate Looney said I had to make a deposit first of the 15% ($840) in another btc wallet. Wait…What? I turned to the fake investors, the ones on telegram and of course they agreed that’s the policy. They even sent me screenshots of their withdrawal.


‘Smart guy’ that I was, I asked them to loan me the needed amount for my withdrawal because why not. By now each of them should be worth at least $100 k. As expected they all said NO. One of them even name dropped her husband as the reason for her unwillingness to part with the funds. I’m Nigerian and her husband says all Nigerians are scammers so I won’t return the money. Burn! Burn!! Burn!!! Lol. Yes, you know what’s coming next — They all blocked me. I went back to Kate Looney. The jig was up so why not blow cover so Kate told me she was aware of all the conversations with her ‘investors’ and me calling the system scam and dissing her investors . Wait…what? Either this girl is some kind of omniscience ‘3 accounts in 1 person’ god (See what I did there? Cheesy I know) or a not-so-smart scammer. So what next? I went the sympathy route. Told her I was broke and poor. The $300 I had invested was my life savings blah…blah…blah. I begged for a refund. She did this and blocked me… Lol

Kate Looney on Whatsapp

I’m done ranting. So what have you learnt?

  • Google is still your friend: Never let greed get the better of you. A simple google search will tell you what you need to know, what others are saying about an HYIP, and what you need to look out for. Even if you are not a tech guru (who can check out web scripts, find out when a domain was created and more), at least you are smart enough to use google.

P.S — I googled before this experiment. Granted mine was for a different reason…lol. I was looking to get scammed and had to be sure sureforextrade are scammers before getting in. Mission Accomplished.

Easy signs to look out for.

  • Red Flag One — When was the domain created? Most of these scam sites have domain names less than 1 year. So before you throw away your money, use (they ain’t paying me for this ad so feel free to use any other one) to see the age of the domain
red flag
  • Red Flag Two — Blatant Lies. Like a trading site claiming to be an award winning broker with medals from as far back as 2015 when the website was created in 2019 type of baloney.
  • Red Flag 3 — If they have no registration information available anywhere, it means they are not registered anywhere as a broker and it’s most likely SCAM.
  • Red Flag 4 — If they don’t have access to market data and just rely on some widgets from trading view, it’s most likely SCAM
  • Red Flag 5 — Unoriginal content. If they are copying content from another website including charts and written content, it’s most likely SCAM

Okay, I won’t categorize this last one as a red flag mainly because if you haven’t heard this maxim already you’re just a Jon Snow (you know nothing). Here it goes — If an offer is too good to be true, it probably is.

Names, links and numbers connected with the scam — Kate Looney (+15184782865, Khan Karim(@Khanyt on telegram), Olivia, Evelyn (@Evelynevidy1 on telegram), Sofia Derrick (@sofiadrake222 on telegram). Don’t forget it’s not the name or contact that matters. It literally takes a second to think up another name (James Morrison…see! I just made that one up). What matters is that you recognize all the red flags.

Some Images That Have Been Used By Kate Looney

kate looney pics 1
kate looney pics 2

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