Telegram Community Moderators: Huddle Up

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(first published July 9, 2019)

Huddle up fellow telegram community managers in the crypto space. Let’s share some trade secrets and best practices, after all, we make up an exclusive community.

Moderating IEO, IPO, STO and ICO groups is a huge role.

When it comes to engagement, what works? What doesn’t?

Enough of cheesy tips like — ‘Be polite’, ‘Say hi to everyone’, ‘listen to the community’ and the ‘yadayada’ you see on many cookie-cutter blogs.

Telegram Community Management Tips

Okay I’ll Go First

  • Do Not Buy Members. Why? It’s boring to see a 50,000 member telegram group with 100 online and zero conversations. Vanity metrics never raised millions for any project.
  • Employ these tactics to increase engagement. Introduce weekly quizzes, trivia, and giveaways. Post visuals (pictures, charts, and short videos) related to the project. Discuss with the founder to allocate a portion of the tokens to telegram giveaways. Depending on the budget, giveaways can also be souvenirs — T-shirt, coffee mugs and tote bags. Sites like teespring and Etsy can easily help with printing and shipping.
  • Reposting pinned message every day is good practice to ensure everyone gets the gist of the project but don’t overdo it. Keep it fresh. Have 2 or 3 long-form well-written content (not too long) rotated for at most 2 weeks. Then change it. Remember to use bullet points, fancy symbols, and text styles to make reading easy.
  • Miss Rose Bot Makes Life Easy. And not just for the repetitive ‘Hi, welcome to XXX group’ messages. Trigger the bot to answer frequently asked questions too. Are members frequently asking ‘When bounty distribution?’ or ‘how much has been raised?’. Miss Rose got your back if you set it up well. It’s all GIGO (Garbage In Garbage Out). Miss Rose will also defend your group’s honor against spammers (links, pics, etc.) and scammers.
  • Sample Conversation
    Community: When’s bounty distribution?
    Telegram Manager: Soon
    Shady responses will only cause an uproar. The community will get tired of the ‘soon response’ sooner than you expect. Be direct when you have to be. If you don’t have the answer promise to find out and do so.
  • Use telegram surveys to measure the engagement and drive direction. In one survey conducted in a group after airdrop and bounty, I was able to determine that 80% were in the group for free tokens and just about 20% were prospective investors. So I created another group for the bounty participants.

Community Managers, Got something To Add? What Tactics Work For You?

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