Weekend Stories: Getting Scammed Part 1

kate looney
fake CySec Certificate
fake CySec Certificate

(This post was first published on Nov. 21 2020)

Many people think you have to be exceptionally stupid or greedy to get scammed

I swore by that too

I’m too smart to get scammed by these Crypto crooks,

I had frequently told myself

Until Kate Looney scammed me in 2018

She showed me all the documents that I thought mattered

How can a #CySEC be a scammer

I forgot everyone has a blind spot and this was mine

No one told me

That a well-timed scam targeted at your vulnerabilities hit differently

No matter what, the scammed is never to be blamed

So from now on let us practice

Zero judgements, more empathy

and a commitment to be the eyes that sees another’s blind spots

And give a heads up

We all need that in this Crypto jungle

Everyone is too smart until they get scammed

Just because you didn’t fall for ‘this’ don’t mean you won’t fall for ‘that’

Scammers don’t die, they evolve

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