Weekend Stories: Getting Scammed Part 2

Getting scammed part 2

(this post was first published on Dec. 6 2020)

Have you ever respected the opinions of a friend so much you believe anything he says?

Talk about placing someone on a pedestal

That’s how I got scammed $1000 in 2018

Dark year, that 2018

So I had joined a platform blindly on the word of a trusted friend and got scammed badly

He didn’t even care enough to apologize after the fact

He got scammed too, he said

I was furious and insisted he took all the blame for hooking me up with a scam platform

In hindsight, my actions were wrong and selfish

I was responsible

I could have researched the platform more

I should have trusted my gut instincts

I should have fled when I saw the red flags

Thankfully I’ve learned all these lessons now

The truth is your success or failure depends on you and you alone

Often, we want others to bear the burden of what should be our responsibility

We silence our condemning hearts by telling ourselves

‘It wasn’t my fault’

When we know deep down, it was our fault

But until we grief that self-inflicted loss, take responsibility, learn and heal,

Old mistakes and patterns will always be repeated

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