How to customise iPhone Home screen 740x414 1

How to Customise Widgets and App icons on iPhone Home Screen

Customising your home screen works differently on iPhone. If you have personalised your screen on other phones, you’ll know soon. But, it’s just Apple’s way of doing things. Though, you…

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Why are there Blue, Green, and Orange Dots on iPhone screen?

Apple value users by giving them full authority over their device’s privacy. The Multi coloured dots on iPhone screen also represent one of iPhone’s privacy features. It lets iPhone users…

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tencent gaming buddy for Mac featured image

Top 2 alternatives of Tencent Gaming Buddy for Mac

Tencent Gaming Buddy is one of the most popular android emulators mainly used for heavy mobile games like Pubg to run on desktops. Though the downside for non-pc users is…

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unlock iphone with Apple watch

Unlock iPhone with Apple Watch, Biggest iMac in 2021, third-party trackers and more

The Apple world is brimming with hot updates. Apple announced support for third party device tracking in their latest iOS14.5 update. Meanwhile there are rumours of the biggest yet iMac…

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Apple Watch

Apple is Working on a Rugged Smartwatch

There are talks about Apple introducing a survivalist Apple watch for outdoor enthusiasts. The entry might come with Apple’s flagship: series 7 smartwatch. The announcement date is uncertain and the…

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