unlock iphone with Apple watch

Unlock iPhone with Apple Watch, Biggest iMac in 2021, third-party trackers and more

The Apple world is brimming with hot updates. Apple announced support for third party device tracking in their latest iOS14.5 update. Meanwhile there are rumours of the biggest yet iMac…

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Apple Watch

Apple is Working on a Rugged Smartwatch

There are talks about Apple introducing a survivalist Apple watch for outdoor enthusiasts. The entry might come with Apple’s flagship: series 7 smartwatch. The announcement date is uncertain and the…

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Apple AirTags leak

Apple’s AirTags size revealed. Expect $39 a piece.

A new leak reveals Apple AirTags will be slightly larger than a 50-cent coin and cost $39. In a Youtube video, MaxWeinBach from EverythingApple Pro shared that Apple AirTags will…

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iPhone 12

Apple Highlights iPhone 12 Ceramic Shield in “Fumble” ad

Apple released an ad on Wednesday showing the ruggedness of iPhone 12’s Ceramic Shield glass. The ad shows a woman talking on her iPhone 12(Product Red) when she “Fumbles” it…

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3d touch

New Apple Patent shows Apple Reinventing 3D Touch

Apple has signed a new patent application that describes that Apple is working to bring back 3D Touch. This has pointed to the question as to why Apple is bringing…

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