Screen Mirror iPhone to Windows

Screen Mirroring app for iPhone

So, today my laptop was having issues with Wi-Fi(which by the way solved after a restart later) and I had an urgent need for the internet. I couldn’t use my…

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How to Add Music to iPhone

How to Add Music to iPhone with iTunes

You may have switched to iPhone recently and are clueless, as to where and how in the world do I add music to iPhone. Because it’s not like Android, where…

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Aloha free vpn for iOS

Aloha Browser For Mobiles with Free VPN

Is Aloha browser Chrome’s competitor? Could be. I am not saying no. And this is coming out of a Chrome fan. This browser has all the qualities an online surfer…

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How to install OS X El Capitan from Scratch.

On Wednesday Apple set a release of thier next OS X El Capitan. It is a free upgrade and as a result, many Mac users have decided to upgrade their…

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A $19,500 gold iPhone case ?

Do you feel like your iPhone case needs a style upgrade ? Why wait then ? Head over to Etsy today and pick one up for yourself though at nifty…

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