facebook coins

Facebook Coins: Africa Says No, Thank You

(first published June 17, 2019) A lot of noise is expectedly greeting one of the most anticipated coins in recent times — Global coin or Libra coin (we’ll find out…

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wake up africa

Wake Up Call On Africans In The Blockchain Space

(first published December 17, 2019) What is the long term plan for Africa & African businesses as far as the future of Blockchain/ Fintech businesses are concerned? Are we again…

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Cryptocurrency Adoption In Africa: Hurdles, Benefits, And Prospects

(first published Oct 28, 2019) History always has a karmic effect on those who fail to learn from past mistakes. Thankfully Africa has learned. After missing out on the third…

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unethical practices in crypto

Audio Money And Other Unethical Non-scam Practices Of Crypto Startup Founders

(first published Oct. 28, 2019) The street term ‘scam’ has been flogged to death. No thanks to the crypto police and click baiters all over the internet, what used to…

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2021 asset recovery scam list

2019 – 2021 Fresh List of Blacklisted Refund and Recovery (Trading, Crypto) Scams

(first published Sept. 26, 2019) (See my list of recommended investment platforms here) (Scroll down to the bottom of page to see 5 practical steps for Scam Victims) Updated for 2020…

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