4 Best Mac Apps You Never Knew Existed

Best Mac Apps you never knew existed

The App Store is full of apps for nearly every task you wish to fulfill. However, not many people know there are even more apps that couldn’t make it to the Apple App Store.

These apps can Mac (pun intended) your life a lot easier and make you love your Mac even more.

This article will highlight 4 of them.

So let’s begin,

1. Downie (Paid)

Downie is the only video downloading solution you’ll ever need on your Mac. It’s the most versatile, beautiful, and easy video downloader that allows downloading from over 1000 sites, including Youtube, Facebook, TikTok, etc., and supports 4k downloads.

You need to drag your video link to the Downie window or its dock icon, and voila! Your video is already downloading. Heck! You can even drag the playlist, and it’ll automatically ask you to select those you want or download all.

You can also extract just the audio through Downie, for your podcasts or some other audio content.

Price: Free Trial then US$19.99 Annually

Download here

2. Rectangle app (Free)

I am a massive fan of the snap to edges option that comes in the Windows Operating system. After getting my first Mac, I was shocked to know it doesn’t have that feature since I don’t particularly appreciate resizing windows.

That’s when the “Rectangle app” came to the rescue. The app is free and allows you to snap your app inside your desktop by dragging and hitting the edge whilst dragging it.

Sometimes the snapping to edges takes too long that you accidentally take the window to another desktop, which can be pretty infuriating. But not to worry, the app gives you handy shortcuts and also an icon in the menu bar that gives you many options to resize your window whether you want it to cover the top-right, bottom left-center, right-half, etc.

Download here

3. Tinker Tool (Paid)

Want to remove the delay when the dock opens up? Make it instant? Or maybe show hidden system files, or customize the Mac OS to your will. These, and many more customizations, are now possible with Tinker Tools.

While the free version can take care of your basic needs, the advanced version can take your Mac OS customization to another level.

Price: Free Trial then $17

Download here

4. HandBrake (Free)

This app allows you to convert video with any format to modern, widely supported formats.

It’s completely free, open-source software.

The handbrake interface may not be highly user-friendly, but after learning a few options, you can convert any video you throw at it. Many presets are already available that do your typical job.

Download here.


So these are some of the apps that will “Mac” your life easier. I have tons of other apps that will blow your mind that I’ll cover in my next posts.

Know any Mac App you’d like to share? Let us know in the comment section below.

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